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The White Clinic Academy, a new venture by White Clinic, is dedicated to the education and training of professionals in integrative dental medicine.

Our goal is to promote excellence and innovation in healthcare through comprehensive courses.

Current Courses

1 class, 7.5 course hours

✓ Digital workflow in exocad
✓ Dental DB & Dental CAD
✓ Single crown design
✓ Design of 1 screwed two-element bridge
✓ Model Creator
✓ Smile Design

Exocad can also be used together with various digital impression systems and CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) devices to streamline the dental restoration process. A complete solution that enables efficient digital workflows and highly accurate, aesthetically pleasing clinical results.

A practical, detail-orientated course in what is the most sought-after technology in the dental industry.

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Past events

The Bbite appliance

helping kids breathe easily and grow healthy

Dr. Catarina Rodrigues

Dr. Julia Sadove-Lopez

Dr. Maria Veríssimo

We recently hosted an enlightening session focused on safeguarding children’s smiles and ensuring their optimal growth and development. White Clinic emphasised its commitment to prioritising oral health by identifying early warning signs related to facial growth and airway health issues.

These concerns covered sleep disordered breathing, improper oral habits, and developmental problems. Our esteemed panel of experts, consisting of Dr. Catarina Rodrigues, Dr. Maria Veríssimo, and Dr. Julia Sadove-Lopez, provided an in-depth discussion on Paediatric Facial Growth & Airway Health.

Why facial growth patterns are changing?

How oral health issues can impact general health?

Why prevention and immediate action is key?

Bbite: a safe, non-invasive solution

The importance of a Paediatric Facial Growth & Airway Health assessment in children aged 2-12

Date and Time

Monday, September 18 ·
6:30 – 8pm WEST


2 Rua Doutor António Loureiro Borges 1495-131 Algés


1 hour 30 minutes

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